After being diagnoses, Pete had the opportunity to write an article for Bleacher Report called “My Journey from Baseball Star to ALS Patient, 75 Years After Lou Gehrig.” 

Many of you have watched, participated in and donated to the suddenly viral “Ice Bucket Challenge” to strike out ALS. If you haven’t, you should probably crawl out from under the rock in which you’ve been hiding for the past month—or just read this or watch one of the many videos out there right now.

What most people did not know until recently, however, is where the challenge’s success originated. The man widely credited with popularizing the challenge is former Boston College baseball star and ALS sufferer Peter Frates, who has devoted his life to raising awareness and research funds for the disease since being diagnosed.

Peter took Bleacher Report inside his journey from sports star to battling for his life, and we were honored to be able to help tell his story.