“There is something special in running with a purpose that is greater than myself, knowing that my efforts can contribute, even if on a small scale, to a greater cause that will help others.”


Support Roberta in her fundraising efforts for The Peter Frates Family Foundation. Roberta has committed to represent The Peter Frates Family Foundation as a runner in the Falmouth Road Race. The Falmouth Road Race helps charity partners raise money and awareness for their causes.


Roberta currently lives in the Dallas area with her husband and three daughters. She started running later in life, while living in the Boston area. She was quickly drawn to charity running, as she found myself much more motivated and driven when running for a cause. Roberta is also a double Eagle, and graduated from Boston College Law the same year Pete graduated from Boston College undergraduate. She is honored to have the opportunity to use this race to celebrate Pete’s legacy and support his work to defeat ALS.

Roberta’s father-in-law was diagnosed and quickly lost his battle to ALS years ago. She says,

“As a family, we are very thankful for the work that the Frates’ family and foundation have done to raise awareness to the cause, and to continue to try and find a cure for ALS.” 


Donations $2,219
Goal $2,000

The Peter Frates Family Foundation

The Peter Frates Foundation is a newly formed 501c3 non-profit with the mission to assist progressed ALS patients and their families with the overwhelming cost of home health care. As the disease of ALS progresses through the patient’s body, the employment of specialized and skilled providers is imperative for required level care assuring the stability of the patient as they continue to live in their home surrounded by the love and comfort of family and friends.